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10 facts away for my 1000th fact!! Thanks so much to the people who followed(: 

Someone asked me by fan mail (mobile vesion) what are some good Demi blogs.
I don’t know much but I really like askdemetrialovato and demilovatoconfessions

<p>This was submitted to me today. This is not a fact, this is news. I only make facts about what already happened. This hasn’t. For those who want to submit a fact, make sure it’s a fact and not news and that have already happened.</p> 


Demi has 2 collaborations with Nick Jonas. “AVALANCHE” and “AFTERGLOW”. Avalanche will be released on nick’s album while AFTERGLOW is rumored to be released on Demi’s album coming out in 2015

demimysaviorlovato wrote:
"omg ily ur blog is so cute babe xoxo"

Lol hun you’re blind. I’m not cute at all